A Message to Parolees

Storm Haven receives inquiries from an average of ten parolees a month. All applications are collected and reviewed by the Board of Directors using a group process. Promising applicants then go through a process of having references checked to be as certain as possible that the candidate would be a good fit for Storm Haven. The application process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Please allow plenty of time for the application process! About half of our applicants are approved for residency. Once approved, the resident is required to sent a $50 security deposit to hold their bed until their expected arrival date.

According to Federal and State policies, we are regulated as far as how many parolees we are allowed to house at any given time. We work closely with the parole board and the POs regarding our residents. We give, and receive, regular updates on parolee employment status, whether or not the parolee is current on their rent, any major violations of House Rules and, of course, the results of any positive (failed) drug test (refusal, or inability to produce a specimen within 2hrs is considered a ‘positive’ drug test).

We DO require regular, random drug tests and thorough room inspections from all of our residents. There is NO expectation of privacy in Storm Haven. Residents are allowed to have a locked storage bin in their room, however the Board of Directors must have a key to it.

Every resident is expected to help maintain the household and work to get along with other residents. Personal issues which cannot be resolved between the residents themselves, will result in the intervention of one or more Board of Directors members. Inability, or unwillingness to get along with other residents and unwillingness to participate in regular House activities are reasons for removal of a resident from the Storm Haven program.

We are NOT just a ‘bed’. We are NOT just a place to put in your House Plan. If you are passionate about living in an alcohol/drug-free home and 12-Step recovery, please do feel free to start the Application Process and best wishes on your journey!


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