Storm Haven House Rules

Storm Haven House Rules – Updated 1/10/15

Zero Tolerance Rules (zero tolerance rules mean that a resident will be immediately evicted for violation of these rules. Eviction may occur for repeated violation of any House Rules, non-payment of Rent or for good reason at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Once evicted, the Resident may not enter the premises unless accompanied by the House Manager and/or a Board Member. Personal Belongings will be stored for up to 1-week. Evicted Residents must wait at least 30-Days before reapplying for residency at Storm Haven).

1. Recovery – Storm Haven is, first and foremost, a RECOVERY home. Residents must demonstrate a continued passion for recovery and support a positive recovery environment.
2. Drugs/Alcohol – Residents may not use, or posses alcohol, illegal substances, narcotics or alcohol-based mouthwash, or alcohol-based medications during their residency at Storm Haven. Smoking is forbidden inside any structure on the property. This includes standing inside the building and blowing smoke outside. Periodic, random drug tests and searches will be conducted. Failure to produce a specimen is considered a positive test.
3. Violence/Abuse – Residents may not engage in violence or abusive behavior, of any type, either on or off premises during their residency at Storm Haven. ‘Slurs’ regarding race, religion, color, national origin and/or sexual orientation are considered ‘abusive’ and are not tolerated at Storm Haven.
4. Curfew – Residents who repeatedly break curfew will be evicted.

Violations – (residents who repeatedly violate the rules in this section will be evicted from Storm Haven Recovery Home)
1. Weapons – Residents may not possess any weapons of any kind, nor keep any weapon on their person or in their bedroom.
2. Bedrooms – Bedrooms are subject to random searches by the House Manager and/or the Board of Directors without warning. Resident locks, of any type, are forbidden on bedroom doors.
3. Cleanliness – No food or beverages are allowed in Resident bedrooms (even if containers are unopened). Residents must ‘make’ their beds each morning by 7am. Residents must maintain good personal hygiene and tidiness of their bedrooms. This includes regular baths, clean shaven appearance, use of deodorant and weekly laundry. Resident bedrooms may be inspected, at any time, without notice, by the House Manager and/or Board of Directors. The use of locks on occupied bedrooms is forbidden.
4. Prescription Medication – Residents must give a list of any prescription medication to the Board of Directors. Prescription medication must be kept in appropriate bottles with current prescription information on the label and available for inspection at any time. Narcotics are NOT allowed in the house, even if prescribed by a doctor.
5. Meetings – Residents must attend the weekly House Meeting on Sunday at 4pm. Residents must attend regular 12-Step Meetings and any ‘Recovery Based’ House Meetings or Groups which are available, unless if in conflict with their work schedule. A copy of the resident’s work schedule may be requested.
6. Rent – Rent is due on, or prior-to, the move-in date anniversary for the first three months and on the First Day of the month thereafter. A Rent Payment Schedule will be given to each Resident. Eviction notices will be issued for rent that is a month or more overdue and will count as violations. Each resident is responsible for contributing at least $100 toward food and supplies each month IN ADDITION to rent.
7. Leaving the Premises – Residents MUST use the ‘sign-in’/’sign-out’ sheet when leaving the Storm Haven premises and must provide contact information where they can be reached during their absence. Residents are allowed to leave the premises only for work, medical, or 12-Step Meetings unless special permission is given. Curfew is 11pm nightly. Lights-Out at 11:30pm. Breaking curfew is a serious violation of House Rules.
8. Passes – A Holiday ‘Day Pass’ is available after 30-days in residence for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and one other federal/religious holiday of the resident’s choice. Overnight passes may be earned after 60-Days in residence if the Resident’s rent is paid in full at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Other Pass restrictions may be listed in the Resident Handbook. Passes MUST be requested, and approved, at least 24-hrs before it is to be used.
9. Visitors – Visitors are allowed in the designated areas during visiting hours ONLY, as posted in the Common Area by the Board of Directors. In the ‘Spirit of Recovery’, we ask that residents not have sexual contact, regardless of marital status, either on or off property, during the first 90-days of residency.
10. Chores – Residents are responsible for completing and maintaining the house chores assigned to them.

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