Visitor Policy

Storm Haven Visitor Policy – Issued 12/28/14

Visiting Hours: 1pm – 4pm Sundays

  1. Visitors are allowed in the Dining and Living Room areas, during Visiting Hours ONLY.
  2. Visitors must sign-in/sign-out for each visit and must clearly state which resident they are visiting.
  3. Visitors must be Clean and Sober and must not carry weapons onto Storm Haven property. Visitors may not carry alcohol, illegal substances and/or narcotics onto Storm Haven property.
  4. Visitors must not behave in a sexual / violent / abusive manner while on Storm Haven property.
  5. Visitors may not participate in meals with residents on Storm Haven property.
  6. Visitors may not have outstanding warrants, or participate in illegal activities on Storm Haven property.
  7. Visitors must not be convicted of sexual offenses with minors.
  8. Visitors who break any of these rules will be banned from future visitation.

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