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Storm Haven Recovery Home is located in Raleigh, WV

We have a strict ‘Visitor Policy’ and trespassing is not permitted.
Please do not ‘drop in’ at the House to pick up, or drop off an application.
For information on how to get an Application Pack, please see the Application Information page.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 130
Raleigh, WV 25911

Members of the Board of Directors who are willing to take calls:

Please email us for Application Requests & General Information:

Our email address is:


4 thoughts on “Contact Information”

    1. Storm Haven is currently undergoing structural upgrades for resident safety and comfort. The process is taking longer than we anticipated due to limited funding, so we are not currently accepting applications for residents. We look forward to getting Storm Haven back into shape and ready for residency as quickly as finances and time will allow. Thank you for the inquiry.

  1. Hello,
    I dropped off some clothes and toiletries at the Women’s Home on Croft St and it looks like it is unoccupied, so hoping someone gets those things. Dropped off around noon on Sunday May 17. Please give me an update sinse our Women’s group at 1st Christian Church donates things from time to time

    1. Hi Connie, thank you so much. The women’s house on Croft street has been permanently closed down. I did drive over there, yesterday, after I saw your message and checked, but there was nothing on the porch. I believe Sharon must have picked it up and, most likely, took it to Kim’s place.

      We are hoping to reincorporate a women’s residence, but if so it will be located in our other location in Raleigh, wv.

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